Software professional? That might be me!


It has been almost a month and a half since I’ve visited my lovely little blog. I had really missed blogging, now that I come to think of it. It had been a really busy month, what with the training going on. And finally, one day, it came to an end. That was two days ago.

Until then, I had timings from 8am in the morning to 5.30pm in the evening. And we always had to book an extra slot and stay until 7.30 pm because there would be lots of things left incomplete. I’d come back to the hostel by 8pm everyday, have some fun talk with my roommates and then go to sleep. This was what life was life on the weekdays. And in the weekends, although they were holidays, I used to go on Saturdays because there would be things left to do.

On Sundays, we would either go out somewhere and have the time of our lives, or sleep in and forget the world exists. Most of the time, we’d go shopping, whenever we go out.

And I had gone home twice until now. The first time, I surprised my parents by doing so because I had told them that I wouldn’t be coming that weekend. And the second time was two days ago. I had a great time with my friends, mum and dad this weekend. As my training was over on Friday, today I was asked to report at a place where I’ll be told where I need to go or something like that.

But we waited for long, then the people who’re supposed to tell us our locations and are supposed to map us to some project came in and said that we were a very huge batch, and they needed time to map us. They asked us to come at 11 tomorrow, and they said that it’ll be done then.

So there was nothing much to do except come back. I’m back to my hostel early, all alone, and there’s nothing much to do and so I got reminded of the wonderful blog that I have.

My friends have planned to go to the beach today evening, I suppose. And I was supposed to eat lunch, take a nap and tag along. Alrighty, I might as well go and have lunch. Have a great day, guys!