Moving out of town


Even when I moved from Hyderabad to Kumbakonam a decade ago, I blamed my father for losing everything I held dear. He was the one who had insisted that we settle down in Kumbakonam, because it had been his hometown. But now, it seems that I’m moving again from Kumbakonam to Chennai, and I have no one else to blame but myself.

And now, it’ll be because I need a job. I’ll have to join in another four days – May 18 (my birthday, that is) and I’ll have to forget living a carefree life in Kumbakonam with nothing at all to worry about. Kumbakonam has taught me many things that I could’ve NEVER possibly learnt in Hyderabad. That countryside-ish belief, that way in which people would like me to behave, to dress up, everything. Kumbakonam is a precious town, and I can’t say goodbye to it that easily. But now, it seems that it isn’t so hard to say goodbye (I had always been a sucker for Goodbyes in the past) and now it seems tears do not roll down my cheek once every five minutes and I’m acting like a normal human being.

Perhaps this is for the best.

My parents are staying here. I’ll have to live in a hostel, which means I’ll have so much to remember without mom to remind me of every single thing I need to do. :/ It’s going to be really tough.

But since I really like Kumbakonam now, even though I hated it once, I think I might come to like Chennai, too, someday. (Psst! I already like it!)

Let’s see if life gets any better. Or worse.