A fabric-like relationship


We stuck together like we were closely knit, yet

Like the loose ends of a woven fabric,

He never held me tight enough.

There is no ‘he’ really. This is just another Haiku I wanted to write, and I created a scenario for it myself. This one is better than my other Haikus, don’t you think?




Hey! I’ve written another pointless Haiku, but I thought I might as well post it. And oh, it rhymes! 🙂

Flying alone across the blue sky

As the lazy afternoon sun sucks things dry

The bird found its kin pass by.

Truly False Hope


Hey guys! Here’s a haiku from me!

Promises of eternal love,

Reckless adventures and bright, fluffy days

Make up truly false hope.

And I believe what I’ve written with all my heart, because such promises can never be true. They sound surreal, don’t they? But I can’t resist hoping… I can’t resist promising myself such a future.

Seems like I can do with a leeeeetle bit of surrealism in my daily dosage of life.

The advent of Summer


I came up with this poem, reminiscing of today afternoon — another limerick, actually.

Like the steam from a cup of incredibly hot coffee,

Arose the vapor from the ground beneath me;

Its ruthless suffocation spread around,

Even as rain drummed onto the ground,

As I cycled Kumbakonam’s streets in a senseless spree.

And don’t you think the ‘steam’ part cannot be true. Today, I saw it with my own eyes… steam rising from the ground… evaporation while condensation. I was totally soaked wet in the rain, yet I felt so suffocated! And that felt a little weird… and a lot stuffy. Really, I didn’t enjoy today’s rain because of the stuffiness. Gah.