Old froth in new bottle


A shake and a release disturbed their dormancy

And they seethed like a wild beast from the sea

They rose high, pouting in the end

As they curved at the bottleneck’s bend

Sliding past the rim, turning the delicate fingers icy.




In the tipsy festive air, they floated around
Boasting of pleasing colors within them bound
Blown higher by red-painted lips
Like little spheres seeking bliss
Until they smashed themselves to the stony ground.

A midwinter night’s dream


It was a dreamlike night:

Tranquil moon casting a spell

Amidst silver-lined clouds,

Cluttered with glassy flakes of snow.

From the snow, came alive

The fairy of July.

Dancing, prancing, she livened the air,

Crushing wood to a silvery haze.

Enveloped in an icy gown,

Frosty hairpins keeping the hair down,

Like Cinderella of modern day,

Was the little icicle-nosed fay.

Her tiny finger swished,

And around swirled the mist.

Tinges of purple, white and blue

Made up the naughty midnight hue.

The silvery fog wound its way

Along castle turrets and highways;alps-21844_640

Over the frost-covered serpentine path,

As glossy ice stilettos glided forward.

With the blink of a delicate lash,

She whipped the snow out of sight.

Dusting her tiny hands like a fairytale bride,

Boisterously, she was off into the night.