The real hero


A man of strength and of strong-will he is,
A man of endless patience and humor;
He blows away his worries in a single breath,
And moves casually forward.
He laughs despite his worries;
Even when life throws challenges at him;
He conceals his inward suffering,
And lives like the great man he is.
He often gets angry;
‘Cause life had never been fair.
It snatched his eyes away from him,
And in a dark corner, made him sit.
He had a wish, that man;
To see his little granddaughter once.
For, he had seen neither of his two grandchildren
Nor his two son-in-laws.
She had the same wish too,
And asked him when he’d be able to see.
He told her he had been praying God,
And his wish might be answered one day.
Back then, she was his everything;
Her laughter was a comfort in the dark.
He taught her things, and took pride in her;
He was the most loving grandpa there was.
He lifted her to the high window frequently,
Where she liked to stand;
He made her swing on his feet while he sat;
He encouraged her every whim.
At first, everything was great,
Everyone was happy.
But the real problems arrived,
When his health took a sharp turn.
He was needed to rush to the doc
Every now and again,
And that’s when his granddaughter,
Was not really there.
A little over a decade of struggle,
And he’s still the same.
Today, he’s at the hospital, very weak,
And she feels helpless, being far away.
She visited the temple nearby,
But that was just for peace.
She wants to see him now,
She misses him like hell.
He asked her granny to tell her he was fine,
Though he was barely himself.
But she got the news, along with what he’d mentioned,
And wrote a poem on how he’s the best.
A grandfather’s love is so pure,
So selfless,
That all he would want, even now,
Is the happiness of his daughters and grandchildren.

I love you, grandpa. You were the best.

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