Gleefully destroying the world


The Daily Post asked me to: Pick a contentious issue about which you care deeply — it could be the same-sex marriage debate, or just a disagreement you’re having with a friend. Write a post defending the opposite position, and then reflect on what it was like to do that.

Now-a-days, a few people who act as if the Earth cannot be a good place without their wisdom criticize people who litter the roads. But, what else have they done, except for asking people to keep the roads clean? Did they actually build us trash cans, or did they donate huge lumps of money just to keep the city clean?

Where is it in the time of need?

And seriously, if there’s not even a dustbin at sight, where do we throw the garbage? If I’m dealing with a chocolate wrapper here, I can very well take it home and throw it in the bin. But what if I’m out, travelling, and don’t see a single bin in sight? I’m travelling in the train, and I need to throw my used paper lunchbox away… where do I throw it? Do the railways maintain a trash can in every coach? I wonder if there’s ever one in a train.

So when people come and blame us in the end, telling us that we had been littering, they should’ve first realized that maintaining trash cans inside trains is very important before accusing the travellers of littering stuff.

Polythene covers have become part and parcel of shopping.

And the other thing people are always keen on making people avoid is… polythene covers. They ask others to use paper covers instead, but by using paper covers, do they even realize how many trees have been felled just to make the numerous amounts of bags that the shops would then hold if people were to switch from polythene covers? If people are so concerned about the impact of the plastic covers on the environment, they could always limit the usage of plastic covers.

Then, there are these deodorants, soaps, detergents, and other cleansing chemicals which actually affect the environment, but who actually doesn’t use any of these? Since I know of their impact, I do not use deodorants – that’s the only thing that I cannot use in this list. How else am I supposed to wash vessels and do the laundry if there was no cleansing detergent?

A wealthy person has all the rights to take their car wherever they go alone. If they have toiled hard and earned a lot, they might as well live a wealthy life. After all, what’s it going to benefit the world if just one person in the whole world tries to carpool? It’s not like everyone else is going to co-operate, anyway. And it’s not like the bus will be any comfortable. Buses have become the new method to test our patience, and bicycles have become a nuisance. So why bother?

Let’s just gleefully destroy the world and forget all about it after its destruction. I bet we’ll not be there, too.


I try not to use plastic covers, but today, I was able to look at the other thing that I hadn’t considered — and probably will not — consider much.. about paper covers. I am not going to think more about them because as far as I know, they are not being used much. I try to use eco-friendly notebooks, whose papers are made of baggage (sugarcane waste) instead of trees, and feel that if everybody does this, the trees can be safe. (Or can they? Because the whole world cannot purchase books made of sugarcane waste… the world’ll need a lot of sugarcane waste, then)… Alright. Maybe there’s an alternative for baggage out there. Or not. Buy whatever notebook you want to. At least buy one of those notebooks which promise a small share to the homeless if you’re not buying eco-friendly ones.

I do not litter unless I’m in a train, and in this part, I have spoken mainly of the thing that bothers me. After I took a new year resolution many years back, I stopped littering, but could not continue to do so during my train travels… so it was not actually something like defending the opposite side or something, but addressing my own problem.

And I never use deodorants… the main reason is that I don’t have the need, actually. I also happen to own a bicycle, and either use that, or go by walk. I even take the bus, at times… but I do not own any other of vehicle. I’m doing this because I can… and I don’t have any other vehicle, of course… because I live in a small town where cycling is common. So, I’d say that defending a person driving a car all alone didn’t delight me. I admit, I did not learn anything about how the other party (if one existed in a debate regarding this topic) feels, but I think that’s because I’m firm in my own beliefs. Or perhaps not.

Join me in this eco-friendly journey if you will. Try doing some carpooling and try to buy a posh-looking bag that you like to take everywhere with you… that way, you can use it to carry stuff and avoid plastic bags (at least that’s what I do). Now it’s our turn to take care of the environment which has (so far) taken good care of us.

Simplest thing on earth!


html-154434_640I designed a webpage layout today, finally, after the wonderful couple — Mr. HTML and Ms. CSS — helped me out! It wasn’t bad. All these days, I had been thinking to learn that, but it looks like there’s not much learning needed to design a simple layout. All you have to do is, code your heart out with all the columns you want to include and all the other blocks you want to be displayed and eventually take a look at your webpage after your coding is done and edit it if something goes wrong. Simple, really.

I feel stupid now, because I had been postponing such a fun task all these days… and I thought I’ll have trouble remembering the tags… what had I been thinking? It was fun working with Mr. HTML. He helped me out just like any best friend would. And Ms. CSS was really enthusiastic about my new-found inspiration and wanted my design to look the best and lent me allcss-27192_640 the cooperation she could offer. Both the celebrities remained humble all the while, though. 😀

Maybe I’ll get acquainted with their other friends, too. HTML and CSS seem wonderful when coupled together, but still, I’d like to learn everything there is. I wish to design blogger templates and wordpress themes and use them on my blog… if I really get better in it, that is.

Let’s see how far W3Schools can teach me about all the stuff I need to know. But I’d say that ‘coding’ never quite explains what ‘HTML’ and ‘CSS’ are like. When I did coding last time, it was in C++ and C. (But they’re my favorites, too). I don’t think I’ll like Java as much as C and C++, though. Now, it seems to me that I’m going to like nothing like creating a website myself. After all, in C and C++, I get a dull old MS DOS window to see the output, but here? It’s a different story altogether!