Off to Thanjavur!



In a few hours, I’ll be off to our main campus. I have classes there, and they start… today. It’s not exactly in Thanjavur, but about 12km away from it. So I’ll have to take two buses: one to Thanjavur and to Vallam from there.

The upside is that that campus is huge… and lovely.

Dhaksh (1295)

The downside? I’ll have to travel alone. It might even take two hours to get there, and I could do with a little company, but alas, no one. *sigh*

I’ll be travelling by bus, of course… I don’t know if I’m moving to a hostel sometime later, but since I have classes for at least four months, I’m getting advices to move there, but I’m not quite sure if I will. A couple of friends are staying there, though they have different classes, so I could go and stay with them… maybe I will.

But their classes do not start today as mine do. They will be arriving in the later this month, so I guess I’d be a day scholar until they arrive… or maybe I will not stay there at all.

Let’s see how my first day there will be… I won’t make many friends, anyway. Let’s hope that at least my class goes well, and that I learn something useful while I roam from Kumbakonam to Thanjavur every day.

Thanjavur, here I come!

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