Thinking of learning web designing!


I mean, how hard can it be? I am thinking of googling up online tutorials like W3Schools and all… I might as well make good use of my internet.

I have a whole thirteen-day free time ahead of of me, and have nothing to do but rewrite my boring ol’ novel and finally start reading Angels and Demons. And believe me or not, I have yet to read classics. I have just started Pride and Prejudice, and I sometimes feel it hard to keep up with Jane’s high vocab.

Alright, so… since I am only going to do these, and I and my friend have actually decided to do something useful, like learn something worthy like art and crafts, web designing suddenly popped in my head.

Of course, I’m going to take only the free online classes, and I have found that W3Schools is awesome. When you have something awesome like that website and your semester holidays staring at you, and nothing else to do, then why waste it?

So… I have finally decided. I’m going to learn HTML.

You see, if I announce this in public and don’t do it, my conscience may prick (not really). So… this is just another lame attempt to make sure I do it till the end. 😀

Alrighty! Now that you’re thinking I’m going to learn this, I have to go and learn it!


A proud, yet harried NaNoWriMo winner!


NaNoWriMo winner - web banner.

I never thought I would be troubled after completing that novel, but here I am, worrying over it. I have finished my novel at 50,666 words, and was feeling very elated until yesterday, but today, I began having my own doubts, once I looked at my summary that I had written on November 1st.

The novel that I had written is completely, boring, I knew that… But the summary actually seemed quite promising. And the summary had a different story in it altogether.

I began worrying that my novel is full of loop holes and boring scenes… and nothing else, because even the romance seemed to start very late and ended quicker than one would have expected.

It began bothering me because some part of my subconscious knew that I wanted to get this over with, and had hastily wound up things, even though every other chapter had been dragged a lot. My book is just not worth reading.

So, I have decided to put an effort and do DecNoWriMo (December Novel Writing Month — a term I made up for what my project is going to be) and struggle for another month and drag my novel into the perfect square shaped box labeled ‘perfection’.

I need to work on characters, on the description, on the dialogue, and (unfortunately) on the plot itself! December sure is going to be hectic for me. If at all I sit down and start retyping, that is.

And I shall make sure it comes out decent even if I don’t like the story anymore, because, I have got a story to write now, and I can’t just ignore it like the others, because this one is damn well completed!

I feel I need to add a whole lot of things in it and cut out all the unwanted stuff, that it may actually change the course of the story. I will not be surprised. And certainly, DecNoWriMo will not stop at 50K. At all.

Let us see where I finally land with my story at the end of this month! I really hope it comes out well. And congratulations for all NaNoWriMo 2014 winners! 🙂 My book might not seem all that great, but hey, we did it! I am as proud a NaNo winner as a deeply troubled writer right now!