Digital Electronics


I needed some bonding time to fix
The relationship I had with digital electronics
Binary representations surrounded my mind
And IC555 timers that produced delay time.

Karnaugh maps helped me out
So did the logic gates, no doubt
The sweet li’l Half Adders are easy to design
Unlike multiplexers that use only a single line.

Combinational circuits are easy to comprehend
Unlike their sequential counterparts, which, in the end
Leave me perplexed with their complex nature
With flip-flops, logic circuits and much more.

In today’s digitized world
With a billions of computers sold
This knowledge is worthier than gold
At least, that’s what I’m told.


Of Historical Fiction


I have recently encountered a historical fiction novel in wattpad (I wanted to write a novel based on the Romans and so I was on the look for Roman historical novels when I found this one), which is not even totally completed (yet) but I have seemed to grow an affinity towards it like no other. I had been drooling over the author’s subtlety and the way with which she breathed life into each character. Envious I was, of course, but I had also become her fan. Titled ‘War Prize’, the writer has shown the best of romances I had ever come to like. Do read it, it’s free: War Prize. It shows the love between a lost Roman girl and a Briton. I love it, I love it, I love it! I’ve probably become so insane that I know not how to wait for the chapter updates! Go take a look at it right away!

Okay. I’ll stop drooling over someone else’s work and come to my own.

Lately, I have been researching a bit about the fifth century in Europe, trying to base my novel there. I have come to find that the Romans can be quite intriguing, but then, so will be the Britons and the Greeks. About the Anglo-Saxons, I know not, as I have not researched much about them. But the Huns, the Goths and the Vandals seem to have an interesting impact on Europe that I have decided to include at least one of these tribes in my novel.

I love it when a novel has ships, pirates, love, sea, emperors, empresses, kings, queens, princes and princesses, simplicity, subtleness, challenges, adventure, mystery, affection, war, vengeance and a romance so subtle that the most erotic moment in the book is when the male protagonist just touches the hand of his love, or when he removes her veil. Subtle romances such as those are the best in my opinion. The writing has to be brilliant if this has to be achieved, though.

I am further going to read a few piracy novels and see how they’re written, as I have no idea how to describe the insides of a ship. I would be delighted to write one such piracy novel sometime in the future.

This novel is going to be written by keeping beautiful writing in mind if not anything else, and if I write it well I will be rewarded with a ‘book publishing’, I believe. My love for historical fiction makes me research and write more, even though I have no steady plot at the moment.

And even when I do not write, I can always read novels pertaining to the said era. I love historical romances, so if you are one of those writers, hesitate not to tell me about your book! 🙂