*Sniff, sniff* Smells like ‘me’!


For The Daily Post: When you ask my friends about what thing/action do they associate with me the most, they’d either say ‘writing’ or ‘shoes’.

I’m someone who brags about her passion proudly to all of my friends; I do not even hide my other interests. So, I could say all of my friends know that I like to write – they’d call me a writer. Either a writer or a shoe-lover.

Yes, I’m an arid fan of converse. The plain sight of converse makes me get excited. And I don’t know why, but I’m more interested in writing than reading (of course I love the latter too, but nowhere close to writing). So everyone who knows me well is bound to tell you this one thing, though they know nothing about how good my writing actually is.

And now, I’ve got an interest in blogging, too. Don’t know why I wanted to create a blog all of a sudden a few months ago, but now, I’m seeing that the organizations I’m applying for a job in are interested in knowing if I have a blog or not.

Let’s not jump out of topic, shall we? Now, if you ask a few closer friends, you might get answers like “she likes boyish things sometimes.”

I’m sure my friends can understand me easily, as I’m not difficult to understand at times (but at times, I might be even tougher than a math puzzle to understand).

And I’m sure as hell they’re all right about me!