Tall and slender to short and chubby!


The Daily Post asked me:Which person whom I had known for very long has changed the most, over the years?

As soon as I read this, one person flashed into my mind. She was my childhood bestie (let’s call her ‘U’) and without her, I probably would’ve had a horrible childhood. As she was the first person to enter my mind (and no one else), I thought I’d write about her before someone else’s face pops into my head.

U was awesome… is awesome.. And will always be awesome, with a loudspeaker of a throat!

Whenever I spend time with her, I feel like there’s no one else who’s happier than me. She was that sort of friend to me.

When we were kids, she was fair, slim and taller than me. But three years ago, when we made plans to meet each other, our childhood friends’ community, I was expecting to see the similar tall frame to come over to the place where I was staying, but what I got was the total opposite: the person who came to me was not taller anymore. It kinda looked weird to look at the same person who has become short, ’cause I had been very much used to her tall frame.

I met her again a few months ago, and I was surprised again. She was chubbier than she ever was, and I even stood beside her and checked how much taller than her I had grown. It was not even an inch, though. It just looked like that for me – as if she was way too shorter than me.

Nothing between us has changed, though. She’s the same special person who makes me laugh hard and I still remain the-girl-who-became-a-loudspeaker-whenever-U-was-beside. It’s just that I’d grown a lot in a span of eight years and she stopped growing.

Whatever, even though she had changed physically, she would always remain the same special person whom I’ll never be able to forget.

The same fun-loving, mischievous girl.

Was the change for the better?

Since it’s the physical change I’m talking about, it doesn’t matter. As long as she’s U, I don’t bother even if she has a third eye! Her awesomeness totally covers everything!

An affinity towards the ‘Vishnu Sahasranaama’


I have recently realized that listening to the Vishnu Sahasranaama always gives me positive vibes. MS never fails to mesmerize me with her voice!

It gives me the peace that nothing else in the world does. A temple beside my home plays it every single day and I loved to spend my time there.

I hadn’t realized until now that this was the major reason for me to like that temple so much. The chants soothe my worn out soul and calm my nerves.

No wonder I always found peace at that temple. And right now, I realized there wouldn’t be another town like the one where I currently reside, warm and comfortable, peace embracing me with generosity whenever I ran to it.

Though I don’t know the meaning that lies behind every shloka, I feel rejuvenated whenever I get to listen to it, even if it’s just for a few seconds when I pass through a loudspeaker on the road.

The loudspeakers are never very loud, though, like the others that usually make us scrunch up our faces and cover our ears. It is gentle even if played in the loudspeaker; as it always has been. MS does a good job of calming every soul even if she’s no more.

When life offered me hardships, I always ran to the temple, walked around, concentrating hard on this instead of what was troubling me right then. And whenever I reach home, I come as a totally new person.

It’s playing on my phone right now, as I suddenly felt the urge to listen to it after I heard a bit on the streets.

Let me get carried away…