A splash of ‘mood’ paint on my canvas…


Written in response to the writing prompt by the Daily Post.

What would a canvas look like if it were painted with my mood? What would it depict?

Well… Right now, there’re millions of thoughts running through my mind. On one hand, I want to write and write and never stop. I want to write on the topics of all the writing prompts till date, as the interesting topics that we’re provided with makes me get excited to write. I wish I could somehow copy the style of Mrs. Angloswiss, a fellow blogger, so that my articles become as interesting, ‘cause my writing lacks sense of humor.

As I admire someone else this moment, I guess you could use some golden paint on my canvas. My canvas looks extremely posh right now; glittering, even. And do you see the diadem on the far corner? That’s for Mrs. Angloswiss.

Anyway, I there are other thoughts, too, like… revising C and C++ thoroughly, and I need to know more about microprocessors and get myself prepared for the interviews and group discussions that I’m going to face soon. Now you can spill some grey here, as I am often thinking about them. I think this grey just made up the hair of someone. Grey hairs – for worries, isn’t that so?

Another thing that keeps crossing my mind is that I’ve got to do the laundry within a couple of days again. You might add a bit of bluish ink on the canvas to show the color of my detergent soap as well.

There is another thing called ‘curiosity’. I keep searching for more info about the companies that visit our college for campus recruitment, so I do a bit of googling to see what stuff they do, what dress codes they’ve got, what’s their pay, and most importantly, if the employees are satisfied with the job or not. The color of curiosity… well… I’ve just painted a few books lying haphazardly on the far corner of the canvas. Didn’t you see? 😛

The next color would probably be white, as a background. That shows the confidence level that I have in myself. Yeah, I know the background is large.

I’m very much into solving math questions that concern ‘quantitative aptitude tests’ these days. Though I have little time to work them out, and need much more time (as 24 hours a day is simply not enough for me), I think that thought keeps bothering me somewhere on the corner of my mind.

So… Let’s just scribble some math formulae with black paint on the white background, eh?

And what comes next? The face of a woman below the grey hairs, of course. That’s because I am excited about an organization that has stressed the need for writers as its candidates. I think I might be the right person, after all. Because, even if my writing sucks, I can improve it, can’t I? 🙂

And this, in turn, puts me in a happy mood! A little yellow here and there wouldn’t harm.

What do you see on the canvas now? Yes! Correct! The girl (call me a princess if you wish) is me. And those open books lying in the corner are the incomplete novels of mine, waiting to be written on. The formulae indicate that… though the girl isn’t a nerd, she is almost having the thoughts of one. And the blue here and there indicate the sky, which is the limit of my thoughts and emotions. The occasional yellow sparkles up my surroundings a bit, adding a cheery glow.

So… did you like the painting that you just saw in your mind? 🙂