Cycling in the rain!


The rain was not just a normal one; this time it was heavy. And I wanted to go out, so I told my mom that I’d go grocery shopping, and went to get veggies.

As the cool drops fell on my back, it was like a pleasure that only the heavens could give me. Even though the large, heavy drops pitter-pattered against my glasses, obscuring my vision, I liked going out and getting wet.

I was the only weirdo on the roads who rode a cycle, without any hint of protection from the rain. Of course, I’m a unique person! Ha!

And when I came home dripping wet all over, my mother started yelling at me for two things: for getting drenched in the rain and for making the house wet everywhere. I soon changed after I got yelled at, and am in the process of drying off my hair as I write (or should I say… ‘type’).

This is certainly not the first time for me; I do it all the time, but it seems like it’s been ages since I did this, so the happiness I’d got from today’s cycling was beyond compare!

Anyway, let us hope that chilling rains such as this one, which my area very much needs, often keeps pouring. 🙂
I wish I had some corn to eat right now. It’s the best combo – a hot cup of corn along with the chilling rain.
Though it’s still chilly outside, I want to go out in the rain again! 😀