Sorry, Fifty shades of WHAT?


I started reading ‘fifty shades of grey’ today, just because I thought it would be a worthy read, as it had become way popular. I had read quite a bit with patience before I couldn’t stand it anymore and just deleted the file from my laptop. Don’t be offended, it was just not my type of book. And if you agree with me, read on; if you’re a fan, I’d suggest you stop reading this.

Fifty shades of weakness evident on the MC of E L James’ book: How much weaker can a girl get? I’m not someone who discourages having weak characters in a story; they’re needed to keep the story running if the story demands so, but I think Anastasia Steele really needs to get a grip on herself.

Being physically weak is nothing shameful about a character, not even being weak emotionally. But the thing I hate the most in Anastasia Steele’s character is that she’s someone who’s weak enough not to see that the thing that she plays with is fire until her fingers got burnt. It is ridiculous how she fails to realize that Christian Grey’s arrogance might, after all, burn her. How blind can she get?

And the whole ‘love at first sight’ thingy is absurd (it wasn’t even love, for goodness’ sake!). If I interview someone (okay, let’s say he’s good looking, ‘cause Mr. Grey is described so) and if I find him answering me with utter arrogance, I’d be on the verge of punching him in the face, controlling my fists. I would never in my wildest dreams fall in love with someone who’s even a bit like the character of Mr. Grey.

I read a bit, got bored, jumped to the last paragraph of the book, skimmed it (not ‘read’, but ‘skimmed’ enough to get the gist of the ending), got to know that she was crying in the end, and deleted it. I never let myself even accidentally get to know of the ending — be it a book or a movie, but today, I really did. Who wouldn’t in their rational minds know of the consequences of dating a man who likes to torture women? I wanted to yell at my laptop, “Control yourself, girl! Don’t blame him to be a control freak when you can’t control yourself!”

After I read that he was actually no lover but a torturer, which is the ultimate truth, but gives it a completely different name – ‘dominant’ (bleh), I just couldn’t stop wondering why and how on earth the book got popular at all. Being ‘submissive’ is something a woman should never be. And that too towards an arrogant dickhead of a character like Grey?

I do not want to read a book that has the main characters struggling to stick to someone who didn’t give a damn about them at all. Anastasia Steele sounds a bit smart every time she says ‘I have to study for my exams’, but later, when she wanted to accept all those rules that Grey even dared to mention it to her (if it were me, he’d be dead the very moment) I wondered if she even used something called a ‘brain’.

I expected to read ‘yet another romance novel’, but I guess I was wrong. It turned out to be ‘the most annoying story from a silly girl’.

Certainly not a worthy read.


*Sniff, sniff* Smells like ‘me’!


For The Daily Post: When you ask my friends about what thing/action do they associate with me the most, they’d either say ‘writing’ or ‘shoes’.

I’m someone who brags about her passion proudly to all of my friends; I do not even hide my other interests. So, I could say all of my friends know that I like to write – they’d call me a writer. Either a writer or a shoe-lover.

Yes, I’m an arid fan of converse. The plain sight of converse makes me get excited. And I don’t know why, but I’m more interested in writing than reading (of course I love the latter too, but nowhere close to writing). So everyone who knows me well is bound to tell you this one thing, though they know nothing about how good my writing actually is.

And now, I’ve got an interest in blogging, too. Don’t know why I wanted to create a blog all of a sudden a few months ago, but now, I’m seeing that the organizations I’m applying for a job in are interested in knowing if I have a blog or not.

Let’s not jump out of topic, shall we? Now, if you ask a few closer friends, you might get answers like “she likes boyish things sometimes.”

I’m sure my friends can understand me easily, as I’m not difficult to understand at times (but at times, I might be even tougher than a math puzzle to understand).

And I’m sure as hell they’re all right about me!

The kindness emanating from within


DPchallenge: The Daily Post asked me about the recent kindness that I’d received from a stranger, about the kindness I’ve shown to everyone and myself. In short, a blog post centered on kindness.

The Sunday before the previous, I had gone to an old age home with many of my friends – YUVA members, we all were (Google ‘Yuva Unstoppable’ if you want to know more about us) – and I had just gone to meet the grannies and grandpas and talk to them for a bit.

Yes, it is the Indian custom to sometimes call everyone granny, grandpa, aunt, uncle, brother / sister even if they’re not related by blood, so just read on, not getting confused why I called them ‘grannies’ instead of ‘old women’.

Suddenly, a grandma called me, and I went to sit beside her. She took out an old plastic box of hers that contained a few biscuits. I sat watching as she took out a few out of it and handed them to me.

This was an unexpected kind act that caught me off-guard.

I didn’t want to eat them though, because, there were very few inside, and I wanted her to have them too. Also, the box was very dirty for my liking and I didn’t quite like to eat the biscuits, so I didn’t take them from her.

But she refused to take them back, and I ended up eating them. The thought that she wanted to share even though she had a very little was quite touching. This was the most recent kind act from someone who didn’t even know me well.

The very same day, another granny had given each of us a rose knitted with wool – I must say, she was a good knitter, and I wondered where she got the money from to buy wool. That was another act of kindness that I had received.

The same day, I met another granny who always loved to meet me and always demanded for ‘Akila’ whenever our team visits the place (yes, we frequently visit them). I feel so lucky to have someone who always looks for me. I am lucky in many such aspects.

What kind act have I done recently?

I was sitting in one of the chairs meant for waiting in the railway station. I had just arrived in a train, and I was halfway towards my destination. There was an eight-hour more travel by bus to get home. My mom had gone to brush her teeth, and I was waiting for her, while I was also taking care of our luggage. Just then, I saw an old woman sitting on the floor, who came towards me using her hands, asking for alms. She was differently abled, and it looked like she could not walk. Her saree, if I could call it that, was more like rags. It was made up of a very thin fabric, and it didn’t even cover her fully.

Thinking that she might feel cold because of the cloth that she’d used to barely cover herself, I dug into my bag, took out a towel and draped it around her, thinking she’d appreciate it.

But I was shocked when she smiled and took it off her, folding it neatly and keeping it safe. I could only watch in disbelief at what she had done. It was like giving me a mental slap. Or maybe she wanted to preserve it for winter, a rational part of my mind told me, but I could say I was a tiny bit offended, nevertheless.

It looked like she thanked me for it, but she didn’t use it. I felt bad, because, seeing her that way pained me. But I couldn’t do anything about that; it was her choice now, and I couldn’t ask her why she did that.
That was the kindness-failure story of mine, but I’m glad that I gave it to her, because I hope she uses it someday.

What kindness have I shown myself?

Though I was discouraged by many people when I said that I had a passion to write, I never gave up. I write secretly. Why does every story of mine get reduced to writing at the end? :/ I’m not even writing much anymore.
But I must say – I always show myself kindness by being there for me when no one is. Being alone, sometimes, feels wonderful.

Kindness is itself a very beautiful trait that some people show, spreading warmth everywhere around them. This, in turn, gets reflected by others and continues like a chain.

This reminds me of the ‘chain of kindness’ event that is hosted by Yuva. I myself don’t know what they do in it, as our branch hasn’t come up with a plan yet. I saw it in the Yuva Unstoppable website today. I guess the other Yuva branches will be carrying out that plan. Now that I’ve seen it, I shall alert my friends about it and we’ll probably carry out the ‘chain of kindness’ event in our own style.

After all, kindness is all you need to give, not super fancy stuff, to warm other peoples’ hearts.

Procrastination unplugged


The Daily Post asked me what my favorite procrastination destination was.
Ah! The correct topic for me! No one in this world will ever procrastinate like I do. Even on the day before the exams!

My favorite procrastination destination, eh? Not at all something to think of for a good few minutes. The answer is right inside my head – wattpad!

My blog has just been added to the list recently. Before I started this blog, a site called ‘wattpad’ was the place where I spent most of my time. Now, however, both of these are on the priority list, so wattpad has been getting less attention from me than it did before.

Wattpad is a site where writers can connect with readers and publish their stuff online for free. Readers get to vote and comment on every chapter of your book that has been published there. There are also communities, where chats and discussions are possible.

There are communities like ‘Improve your writing’, ‘The cafe’, ‘Multimedia designs’,’Wattpad announcements’ and one club for each genre. I like to wander into those clubs and look at the discussions! You’ll find me there!

The time passes swiftly while I’m there. It’s almost like I stopped writing and started spending more time there. The time for me to use the online software ‘write or die’ has come! I don’t even know why I didn’t join nanowrimo this time!

That was actually because I thought I had a lot to prepare for my job interviews that I thought it would be unwise for me to register myself into nanowrimo. But it looks like I have done zero preparations as of now, and half of the month has elapsed!

So… I guess I could say blogging has become my new procrastination destination, then!

There’s this interview I’ve got on 18th, and if I get selected for the job, then I swear I’ll join nanowrimo after
that! I know it’ll be too late for that… Nevertheless… I had just ten days or something left when I joined camp nanowrimo in April this year! It was fun! Exciting! I didn’t want to miss it this time, but I did! :/
Though I didn’t complete any book, I had lots of fun! Writing with a deadline seems to make me procrastinate less and write more! So, I think I should do well in that interview, get selected, and join camp nanowrimo even though I’ll have just a little over ten days to write!

There’s just a half month left! And I guess I’ll have to wait till November again, if I want the real challenge. But I’m telling you, November is a month where hectic preparations for exams and project works will be going on, and I cannot afford my time for writing then. Mainly because we have to write 50k words, unlike the camp nanowrimos in Aprils and Julys!






Tall and slender to short and chubby!


The Daily Post asked me:Which person whom I had known for very long has changed the most, over the years?

As soon as I read this, one person flashed into my mind. She was my childhood bestie (let’s call her ‘U’) and without her, I probably would’ve had a horrible childhood. As she was the first person to enter my mind (and no one else), I thought I’d write about her before someone else’s face pops into my head.

U was awesome… is awesome.. And will always be awesome, with a loudspeaker of a throat!

Whenever I spend time with her, I feel like there’s no one else who’s happier than me. She was that sort of friend to me.

When we were kids, she was fair, slim and taller than me. But three years ago, when we made plans to meet each other, our childhood friends’ community, I was expecting to see the similar tall frame to come over to the place where I was staying, but what I got was the total opposite: the person who came to me was not taller anymore. It kinda looked weird to look at the same person who has become short, ’cause I had been very much used to her tall frame.

I met her again a few months ago, and I was surprised again. She was chubbier than she ever was, and I even stood beside her and checked how much taller than her I had grown. It was not even an inch, though. It just looked like that for me – as if she was way too shorter than me.

Nothing between us has changed, though. She’s the same special person who makes me laugh hard and I still remain the-girl-who-became-a-loudspeaker-whenever-U-was-beside. It’s just that I’d grown a lot in a span of eight years and she stopped growing.

Whatever, even though she had changed physically, she would always remain the same special person whom I’ll never be able to forget.

The same fun-loving, mischievous girl.

Was the change for the better?

Since it’s the physical change I’m talking about, it doesn’t matter. As long as she’s U, I don’t bother even if she has a third eye! Her awesomeness totally covers everything!

An affinity towards the ‘Vishnu Sahasranaama’


I have recently realized that listening to the Vishnu Sahasranaama always gives me positive vibes. MS never fails to mesmerize me with her voice!

It gives me the peace that nothing else in the world does. A temple beside my home plays it every single day and I loved to spend my time there.

I hadn’t realized until now that this was the major reason for me to like that temple so much. The chants soothe my worn out soul and calm my nerves.

No wonder I always found peace at that temple. And right now, I realized there wouldn’t be another town like the one where I currently reside, warm and comfortable, peace embracing me with generosity whenever I ran to it.

Though I don’t know the meaning that lies behind every shloka, I feel rejuvenated whenever I get to listen to it, even if it’s just for a few seconds when I pass through a loudspeaker on the road.

The loudspeakers are never very loud, though, like the others that usually make us scrunch up our faces and cover our ears. It is gentle even if played in the loudspeaker; as it always has been. MS does a good job of calming every soul even if she’s no more.

When life offered me hardships, I always ran to the temple, walked around, concentrating hard on this instead of what was troubling me right then. And whenever I reach home, I come as a totally new person.

It’s playing on my phone right now, as I suddenly felt the urge to listen to it after I heard a bit on the streets.

Let me get carried away…

What’s life without fear?


The Daily Post asked me: What would your life be like if you were incapable of feeling fear? Would it be better or worse?

Before coming to that question, let’s analyze something.

Do I want a life that has no fear in it? What kind of life is perfect? One that’s void of fear?

Fear is a four letter word that rules the emotions of people. Not all, though, have the same kind of fear.

I fear of physical illnesses and diseases that are going to consume my body as a whole when I get old. I also have a fear for flies (especially the cockroaches that fly) and I’m a bit nervous when I’m about to give some sort of performance, be it a seminar or a group discussion.

There are quite a few things for which we all fear, but we don’t realize it.

Why do you go to work on time? In fear of getting fired.

Why do you want to follow the traffic rules? In fear of getting caught or in fear for your life.

If this fear doesn’t exist, then things would be upside down by now. There would be no proper rules to guide us – note that even the rules are made in fear of the consequences that occur if we don’t follow them.

Fear – it often does good things. People who have a fear of heights easily avoid heights, and hence they have a less probability of falling off the terrace.

Here’s another reason why fear is not welcome: the person will miss the spectacular view of the city one gets from the heights.

I’d say all phobias have to be stricken out with the wordpress fantasy wand before they can haunt people any further. After all, we’re given an opportunity to fantasize our life once a day!

My conclusion is that fear has to be there, but only in places where it’s needed. And that makes (not only mine) everyone’s life perfect!

Now coming to the question: What would my life be like if I were incapable of feeling fear?

I’d be a spoilt brat.

And my life –it would either be way too awesome (awesomely messed up) or way too dangerous that’d put me in the ‘endangered’ zone and I’d not even be capable to fear about – either way, it would be messed up.

In other words, I wouldn’t prefer concentrating on eating chips to running for life when I spot a tiger – not that I’d spot one anyway. Tigers would become extinct one day. 😦

I am not overcome by fear of something or the other every now and then, but still, I need fear.

An example? I always go late to college, even though I fear I wouldn’t be allowed in the classroom—but that is the only fear that makes me wake up every morning!

Dear VLSI…


Oh, dear VLSI,
Please don’t trouble me.
Dear, dear VLSI,
I beg of you
To not hate me.

Oh, dear VLSI,
Are you the base
Of everything else?
Look at the silent transistor,
That nodded its head.

Dear oh dear, my VLSI,
Very large scale integration indeed,
But don’t forget the humble half adder,
That has never asked you anything
In return for the carry and the sum it gave you.

The logic gates reside inside,
Eerily functioning, adding every bit.
Oh, my VLSI, don’t you see?
I have a project to do with you in it,
So you have to assist me.

Though the static RAM flip-flopped
About how good your memory was,
The dynamic RAM exposed off
The wedding of the transistor to the talkative capacitor,
That you had forgotten about.

About building an adder,
My professor finally says,
“Eight transistors should do it.”
Dear oh dear, VLSI, you still need to grow!
Don’t bother the naughtily silent transistor; he has a life, too.

And so do I.

Th3 froz3n danc3r


A classical dancer she is,
Dancing her way through pure bliss,
Into the streets of wordpress.

My entire soul did she mesmerize,
She created a blog, so cool and wise;
So cool that she’s almost frozen.

We’re together everywhere,
Be it class or treats or blogs;
We even apply for the same jobs.

The occasion is… I wanted to write a welcome post for her. We created her blog today, and her blog is just an hour old. So… Welcome, dear! 🙂

I hope she don’t freeze to death in the chilly blog, though. 😛

I love the name of her blog – froz3ndanc3r.

As cool as froz3n isn’t it? B-)

A splash of ‘mood’ paint on my canvas…


Written in response to the writing prompt by the Daily Post.

What would a canvas look like if it were painted with my mood? What would it depict?

Well… Right now, there’re millions of thoughts running through my mind. On one hand, I want to write and write and never stop. I want to write on the topics of all the writing prompts till date, as the interesting topics that we’re provided with makes me get excited to write. I wish I could somehow copy the style of Mrs. Angloswiss, a fellow blogger, so that my articles become as interesting, ‘cause my writing lacks sense of humor.

As I admire someone else this moment, I guess you could use some golden paint on my canvas. My canvas looks extremely posh right now; glittering, even. And do you see the diadem on the far corner? That’s for Mrs. Angloswiss.

Anyway, I there are other thoughts, too, like… revising C and C++ thoroughly, and I need to know more about microprocessors and get myself prepared for the interviews and group discussions that I’m going to face soon. Now you can spill some grey here, as I am often thinking about them. I think this grey just made up the hair of someone. Grey hairs – for worries, isn’t that so?

Another thing that keeps crossing my mind is that I’ve got to do the laundry within a couple of days again. You might add a bit of bluish ink on the canvas to show the color of my detergent soap as well.

There is another thing called ‘curiosity’. I keep searching for more info about the companies that visit our college for campus recruitment, so I do a bit of googling to see what stuff they do, what dress codes they’ve got, what’s their pay, and most importantly, if the employees are satisfied with the job or not. The color of curiosity… well… I’ve just painted a few books lying haphazardly on the far corner of the canvas. Didn’t you see? 😛

The next color would probably be white, as a background. That shows the confidence level that I have in myself. Yeah, I know the background is large.

I’m very much into solving math questions that concern ‘quantitative aptitude tests’ these days. Though I have little time to work them out, and need much more time (as 24 hours a day is simply not enough for me), I think that thought keeps bothering me somewhere on the corner of my mind.

So… Let’s just scribble some math formulae with black paint on the white background, eh?

And what comes next? The face of a woman below the grey hairs, of course. That’s because I am excited about an organization that has stressed the need for writers as its candidates. I think I might be the right person, after all. Because, even if my writing sucks, I can improve it, can’t I? 🙂

And this, in turn, puts me in a happy mood! A little yellow here and there wouldn’t harm.

What do you see on the canvas now? Yes! Correct! The girl (call me a princess if you wish) is me. And those open books lying in the corner are the incomplete novels of mine, waiting to be written on. The formulae indicate that… though the girl isn’t a nerd, she is almost having the thoughts of one. And the blue here and there indicate the sky, which is the limit of my thoughts and emotions. The occasional yellow sparkles up my surroundings a bit, adding a cheery glow.

So… did you like the painting that you just saw in your mind? 🙂