First day of the final year in university


Well.. It wasn’t very interesting, but it wasn’t that bad, either! I think I’ve got a project to work on, and getting an S grade in it might increase my GPA! Ha!

And that project is for the next semester. Not this one!

I guess we’ve got a new HOD this year, and he seems to have implementing all brilliant ideas for our department, except one thing that I found odd. Class representatives should have GPAs above 8.5! What kind of rule is that? I mean.. The more studious students will be willing to only study more and wouldn’t definitely want to waste their priceless time on trivial things like an attendance log book or filling up a mark sheet (I’m just guessing, lol… I don’t know what else they do).. The people who’re interested should do that, actually.

Whatever! My university is always the best for me anyway. And I heard companies like eBay and Amazon are vising our college for recruiting students, but apparently, I’m not eligible for any of those.

Still have crossed fingers for the other companies who might want to consider me.