Best places to write: Fantasy and reality


Places I fantasize:
1. A calm forest, where I would sit under a shady tree with my laptop and a superfast wifi! Or even a book will do. That would be the most peaceful place ever, with the low hum of the running water in a nearby spring and the birds chirping. I’d love to go to such a lovely place and write.
2. A full moon night, when I have a large room with a large window by the bedside, and sit there with my laptop and write. The soft mattress beneath offers coziness beyond compare and the brightly shining stars from above motivate me to write. If only I had a window, let alone a large one, in my room. I’d probably stay up the whole night and write.
3. A humble hut facing a scenery of a mountain range, and a lake that is in the middle of the two mountains, which also reflects the warm sun. It would be even better to sit at the border of the lake and write, provided no alligators or crocodiles reside in it.
4. On the terrace of a sky scraper in a very populated, clean city like Chicago or something. The other high, enormous yet elegant buildings all around me might give me some inspiration to write – or maybe I’d just stare at the beauty and take photos.
I like to sit with my laptop and its superslow wifi and type off all I want on the yellow table in my room. I’d choose night time for doing it, as night would always be ideal – it provides a peaceful environment. Or I could even prefer early mornings, but I’m so lazy that I don’t wake up that early! 😀

—-Written in response to today’s writing prompt: Writing Space——


Beginning of another semester


The Day after tomorrow is the day. The day from which everyone starts putting pressure on me. From that day onwards, I might never be free.

Training for aptitude tests, creating an attractive resume, news, and academics are bound to fill my days. Besides, the lack of old friends who’ve graduated is going to create a void space in my heart. And to add insult to injury, I’ll be having tougher subjects!

And I also have to keep writing and also posting in my blog. This always comes next to college work, but it’s something that interests me. By the end of this semester, either I would be having a job in hand, or I’d be weeping silently for not doing well in the interviews.

A semester that decides my fate — let’s see what this semester’s got in store for me.