Another reason to hate technology


Technology got me so engrossed in it that I haven’t drawn anything for a while. Today, as I sat down to unleash my creativity, I found there was nothing much I could do.
Technology has, in fact, ruined my interests in painting and drawing. Now-a-days, all I do is photo-editing, which can be undone a number of time and can be redone a number of times. A few days ago, I had just erased a part that I shouldn’t have and for a microsecond, my mind thought of clicking the ‘undo’ button, but alas, there wasn’t one on a sheet of paper.
Technology has made life easier, I do not deny, but it has made the otherwise easier things hard for us right now. Drawing was a passion for me a few years ago, but right now, I’ve come to a point that I detest drawing now-a-days, and due to lack of practice, they don’t even come out well anymore.
The result of today’s ‘sitting to draw’ resulted in a realization – that I detest it with all my heart, and that I don’t do it well anymore. I write only because I keep typing in MS word every day. Or else, I guess I would’ve even lost interest in writing, had there been no typing software available for computers.
Still, I have come to love technology and no matter how much it’ll spoil me, I’d still like it, just like millions of other people in this world.

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