My fantasy vending machines: to console a lone heart


In response to the writing prompt from The Daily Post.

A picture of an empty vending machine taken from the net.


1. A vending machine that gives out tiny chits to comfort people.

A vending machine that can give handwritten notes saying ‘it’s okay’ – that’s what people with a broken heart need. When friends or their loved ones isolate them, or when they just get tired of waiting for someone who isn’t gonna come, they could just go to the nearest vending machine, and get a note that comforts them.

The vending machine should be a two way one, to drop comforting letters into them and a another for picking up one of those chits with the press of a button. It should be free of cost, as mere chits of paper from kind people shouldn’t be charged.

Just to know that there’s someone in this world who cares for them.

Yet another picture of vending machines lined up, taken from the net.


2. A vending machine that gives out unpublished novels or stories.

You punch on the big grey button, and you get one. Simple.

A great companion to acquire whenever you feel alone or dejected.

Another two-way machine, which lets you put your notebook inside and let any lone person read what you’ve gone through, which makes the other person feel good about their life, or put in a comforting story for a lonely heart.

These two kinds of vending machines, I think, will be a great hit if they’re brought into reality.


This one is a vending machine that sells cycle parts. Ha! How cool is that? 😀

Again, taken from the net.

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