Writing non-stop for 400 words: writing101


Where a kind princess once lived…

Amelia was a princess who loved to visit the shore of her kingdom. She always went with her best friend, who happened to be her maiden, Diana. One day, as they were walking along the sea-shore, Amelia spotted something from afar—a huge ship was approaching towards their kingdom.

Amelia, at that time, didn’t know whether to be excited or nervous. They had to first get to know if the team of people approaching them were allies who were giving them a surprise visit, or their foes, who were planning on declaring sudden war.

But, as the ship fast approached, and Diana ran towards the castle to inform their king about the mysterious ship they knew nothing about, Amelia stood there, transfixed, admiring the beauty of the gigantic ship that began to appear larger as it came nearer.

As Amelia stood looking, the ship anchored at a good few metres from the shore and one of them got down, with three others behind him. The man stood out from the others, and wore expensive clothing, Amelia could tell, from the looks of it.

As he approached her, he asked, “Madam, can you tell us if there is any space left for a few travellers to stay in your kingdom? We will not live more than a day or two.”

The other three men stood baffled at what their master, apparently, had just uttered. “But master…” One of them dared to prompt him.

But the young man waved the man off, showing that he knew what he was doing, and there was no need of any advices. The man stayed silent.

“Madam?” The young man prompted Amelia.

“Oh,” she said, snapping out of her thoughts. “Your ship looks very much like the one that the kingdom of Genovia owns, sire, so I had thought for a moment that we were going to be attacked.”

“We are from Genovia,” said one of the three men behind the kind young man, earning a glare from him.
“You are?” Amelia gasped at the revealation and turned to run back to the castle and inform her father, when she felt a soft tug at her hands.

“Worry not, young lady,” said the kind-looking traitor. “We’re not here for war.”

Amelia turned towards him, wanting to know why they’d come all the way along. “And?”

“I’m here, to make you my queen.”

“And about the war?” One of the three bodyguards, it seemed, of the prince of Genovia asked.

“This young lady here,” he said, “has made the war unnecessary. Let us just leave with her, if she permits to let us take her.”

Amelia was stunned, and was speechless. “You’re Genovia’s prince?”

“Yes, and will you be my queen?” He stood on his knees. “I don’t want a war, if I can have a beautiful woman as you as my wife.”

Amelia held his hand gently, and made him stand up. “Dear prince, I’m delighted we need not fight anymore. Let’s make peace between the two kingdoms, come talk to my father, who happens to be the king.”


P.S: I have cheated a bit – sorry, it’s a habit of mine to press backspace when I think some word doesn’t make sense. “Old habits die hard” right?

Anyway, sorry about that. It doesn’t seem senseless because I probably backspaced at least ten words. I just went with the story, though. 😀


My fantasy vending machines: to console a lone heart


In response to the writing prompt from The Daily Post.

A picture of an empty vending machine taken from the net.


1. A vending machine that gives out tiny chits to comfort people.

A vending machine that can give handwritten notes saying ‘it’s okay’ – that’s what people with a broken heart need. When friends or their loved ones isolate them, or when they just get tired of waiting for someone who isn’t gonna come, they could just go to the nearest vending machine, and get a note that comforts them.

The vending machine should be a two way one, to drop comforting letters into them and a another for picking up one of those chits with the press of a button. It should be free of cost, as mere chits of paper from kind people shouldn’t be charged.

Just to know that there’s someone in this world who cares for them.

Yet another picture of vending machines lined up, taken from the net.


2. A vending machine that gives out unpublished novels or stories.

You punch on the big grey button, and you get one. Simple.

A great companion to acquire whenever you feel alone or dejected.

Another two-way machine, which lets you put your notebook inside and let any lone person read what you’ve gone through, which makes the other person feel good about their life, or put in a comforting story for a lonely heart.

These two kinds of vending machines, I think, will be a great hit if they’re brought into reality.


This one is a vending machine that sells cycle parts. Ha! How cool is that? 😀

Again, taken from the net.