Two of my fears


This is another post in response to The Daily Post’s Writing Challenge — I’ve been told to write in my own style. I think one will always write in their own style, no matter what, don’t they? I’m still in the process of understanding what they meant by ‘our own style’.


I’m no perfect person, and I do have all sorts of fears.  Let me tell you about some of my fears.

Flying Roaches:

Cockroaches are one of the creepy crawly creatures that disgust me the most. And there’re some of them that are very speedy and some just fly across the room, making me scream at the top of my voice.

Cockroaches, it seems, have found a very comfortable residence in all the dark corners in my dirty little house. Though there’re many cockroaches everywhere, I try not to get scared and have even risen to the level of shooing them away, but still, the flying ones and the speedy ones that crawl over my toes still don’t fail in disgusting me and making me shout.

When I’m the next one to go on a seminar:

 The fear will be in its peak and my palms will become totally sweaty (they usually are sweaty even without reason) and my fingers begin trembling. I’ll usually be sitting in the front row by that time, awaiting my turn, with the paper in my hand. I look at it many times, but I never get to make out the words written in the paper, because of the fear. I concentrate hard and finally, when I start skimming through what I have to say in the seminar for the umpteenth time, my classmate will say, ‘the rest of the topic will be explained by Akila’, and I find myself run to the dais, completely forgetting what to talk about, and begin blabbering about the topic.

But once I begin talking, all my fear vanishes, just like it never had been there, no matter I perform well in the seminar or not.

And I have many more, but right now, there’s another fear that I’ll become an insomniac if I keep on writing. It’s past 2 am here, and it’s definitely not healthy for me to stay awake at such a time. So I’ll just end it here. I can’t think of any more fears (not that I don’t have more), but just can’t simply think of any more.



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