Going back in time, and reliving the past week!


In response to a writing prompt from The Daily Post.

So… All I did the past week was lazing around, create a blog, post a few times in it, and spend some time in an ebook community, doing absolutely nothing.


Yes, nothing.


The only fruitful thing I did probably was grocery shopping. Another thing was that I met my school friend, and we talked for a while and we went to the temple together. I also went to another temple again a few days later, and liked the peace that settled into me that evening while I was at the temple, but other than that, I guess I have done nothing much.


So.. I think I should get back my week and do something productive. Productive, as in… work out for my upcoming aptitude tests, and revise C and C++, the coding languages which are a ‘must know’ for most of my interviews, and whatnot. I could’ve done some drawing or something, or at the least, slept well — I slept very late for a whole week only to wake up late in the morning. Very late.


The week would’ve been an ideal one if the days had been like below:


Day One:

The day should’ve started with me waking up as early as 6 in the morning, and take a peek at the beautiful scene outside (I’m a night person, and I never get to see the break of dawn, you see).

Then, I should’ve done some exercise for at least half an hour and then take a rest, listening to the Vishnu Sahasranaamam, which cools my soul. Then I should’ve showered immediately and should’ve immediately gone to the temple before it becomes sunny.

That would be the perfect start of the day.

And then, I should’ve come home and helped my mom with whatever help she needed and then, go back to my computer and write a chapter of my novel.

Then, I should’ve gone to meet my friend and spend the evening with her. After coming home in the evening, I should’ve done whatever the hell I wanted to do in the internet, but only for a while, and should’ve gone to sleep at a proper time.


Day Two:

The perfect start for a day as listed above. And I should’ve spent for a whole day researching about microprocessors in the net, and should’ve gone cycling. I really love cycling, and it raises my spirits.

Day three:

I would’ve liked it if I did some drawing or some creative artwork, so let’s take this day for that. And I should’ve visited the temple again, as it gives me peace. I should’ve walked the streets of my town, just to simply be active and not sit lazily in front of my laptop as I am doing right now.


Day Four:

I should’ve let go of my ego and talked to my best friend PV and visited him. He’s rarely talking to me these days, so I didn’t talk, either. And I should’ve also done something like writing or I could’ve even slept in the afternoon!

Day Five:

I should’ve created this blog pretty quickly and shouldn’t have taken all day to customize it and deciding which color would be best. I still don’t know if the blog has a good look or not. I’ve tried to change the background and the header photo many times, but never did I get fully satisfied. And I could’ve got the time to blog all day, look at other cool blogs and stuff.

And I could’ve still gone to the temple that evening! Or  I could’ve gone cycling, simply roaming the streets.

Day Six:

I should’ve done something better than sitting in front of my laptop all day. I could’ve read ‘Angels and Demons’ by Dan Brown, my favorite author, as I still haven’t read it yet. I have the book borrowed from a friend and it’s sleeping in the shelf for almost six months. Now that I have holidays, I could’ve read that.

I could’ve also done a bit of searching on the net to make a cool resume for myself. The resume that I’d made is completely basic, and I need to learn to make an attractive one. Plus, I could’ve even had the time for blogging.

Day Seven:

Today… I could’ve done many things today, ranging from cycling to practicing for the aptitude tests, but I did none. I went grocery shopping and did nothing else. I could’ve gone to the Micromax service center, telling them that my phone’s speaker sometimes wouldn’t work, but I didn’t. I could’ve cleaned my table and my shelf, but I didn’t. And I should’ve at the least slept soon, but here I am, typing my new post instead of sleeping. I have to go to the bank tomorrow, and for that, I have to wake up early.



I have spent  lot of time lamenting on my bad internet connection and a very bad signal on my phone for the past week, hence sitting with them for a whole day. Technology has just ruined my week, I could say.

So, I’m going to put the next few holidays that I’ve got into use and make the best out of them. I just realized how I wanted my life to be like. Now that I’ve posted this, I might as well do all that I’ve written about in the next few days, as I have only a few days less than a week before my college starts.



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